by Devanshi Rao

Smartphones nowadays have become so much important to all of us. However, when using a smartphone, there might be some key things that you might be doing or might ignore which are not really recommended. There are so many common things which we do and which are considered as the worst things you can do even without realizing it. Here are the most basic things that you guys do that you should not be doing. 

Skipping the updates:

Delaying smartphone updates is a very common thing that is to be done but in quintessence, it’s the wrong thing you can do as well. The smartphone’s operating system and even some applications need occasional updates which are essential for running the phone. Some of the updates can improve battery life while also providing new security features which protect the device from hackers. These updates are because of some reasons and if your phone supports it, we approve you to update. 

Not using a third-party charger:

Smartphone charger

There is said that using the charger which came with your phone is the best way to charge your phone. This can be true for some of the smartphones, however, we will soon see the smartphone companies stop giving the charges in the box. Samsung and Apple both companies have already started not giving chargers in the mobile box. Apple, OnePlus, or Samsung all the new devices now support the universal charging protocol which means you can now buy cheaper PD chargers for the smartphones without buying any expensive chargers. 

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Thinking of camera megapixels mean better pictures:

Smartphone camera megapixel

The megapixel of the phone war has been started again, thanks to the companies like Xiaomi and Samsung for not selling smartphones with camera sensors with 108MP resolution. However, smartphones like the Google Pixel and iPhones have proofed in the past that the lens quality matters more than the megapixel. Apart from the lens quality, calculation photography has also made a huge difference when taking pictures with the phone. Software adjustments to images can make your picture stand out which is currently being used by both google and apple. 

Closing background applications:

People do not close the application which they have been using in the smartphones. The common assumption is that if you close the application from “recently used applications” it might help in saving the battery and increase the processing speed of the smartphones. That is the biggest story as the applications which are not using but are open in the background are more like a screenshot of what the application was showing last time. There are some special case though such instant messaging apps since delivers texts from your content in real time. If the iPhone user, closing apps actually void more battery life as it takes longer to switch between the applications if you force them to quit. 

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