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Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and Google, was once a deferential, nerdy engineering student at IIT Kharagpur who went by the name Pichai Sundararajan. He studied mineralogical engineering in the most reputable engineering college in India and made his name in the global tech industry. But before he derives a tech giant, he was a regular student who saw a computer for the first time in college.

It might be hard to trust but Sundar Pichai bunked classes, played cricket, and use to eat a bowl of Maggi late at night just like any other engineering student. Here are some other absorbing and infrequent facts and stories about Sundar Pichai from his IIT days that prove he was like any other engineering student.

Sundar Pichai thought ‘abbey salty’ was an accurate way to call people :

Sundar Pichai’s mother tongue was Tamil and he fights with Hindi when he started college in Kharagpur. He said that he had to grasp Hindi in school but never spoke much in his life. Sundar started to learn and clasp some words by hearing how people are speaking in college. He confesses that because of this, he thought ‘abey saley’ was a friendly welcome and a bearable way to address people.  

Sundar Pichai accidentally shut down his college mess :

Speaking of his fight with the Hindi language and his misunderstanding about calling out to people with abey saley, it actually concludes alighting him in trouble. He discloses that he accidentally upset the mess guy by yelling abey saley at him and as a result, they shut the mess. Pichai said. “The folks at the mess were quite sad and briefly closed down the mess,”. “It didn’t make me very popular,” he added. 

Sundar met his wife in the college :

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai found love in the small passage and gloomy classroom of his college. Sundar met his wife Anjali Pichai in IIT Kharagpur where she was his classmate. He admitted his love in the final year of their engineering and had a long-distance relationship as he moved to the USA for higher studies. Anjali stayed in India. Sundar Pichai had no money, they could not for months. They got married after they both got jobs in the USA. 

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He was a shy student with ‘big handwriting’ :

Sundar’s professor from IIT Indranil Manna remembers him as a shy person in the class. He was an adviser for his B.Tech theory and has held back a copy of his work after all these years. Also, the optically remembers his “big handwriting”. They say people who have bad handwriting can think very fast.

He was ragged by his seniors :

Although the colleges are quite harsh about made fun of now and have policies in place against any kind of persecution, this was not the case about 25 years ago when Sundar Pichai was a student. He spoke about how his parents were scared about him getting tattered like any Indian parents when he left for college and disclose that he was in fact tattered by his seniors a little bit, but all in good spirits. He said “I am glad it’s much better now.

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