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Smartphone companies

Smartphone companies have done so many great things to bring the industry forward but there are plenty of things that have been shady. While we like to forget some of the terrible things done in the past, we can’t ignore them, mainly when history repeats itself. From contentious decisions to false marketing, here are the five worst things smartphone companies have done in the past. 

False Marketing:

Many of the smartphone companies have tried to take place in false marketing as the real deal for an upcoming product which was soon caught by people keeping a close observation. This all started with Nokia Lumia 920 where one could see a video being shot by a DSLR. This video was used for advertising the smartphone highlighted the smartphone’s OIS capabilities though soon enough people could spot the person in reflection using a DSLR instead. 

Same like this, Huawei was also caught faking the DSLR shots for its Nova 3 smartphone. In a commercial, a couple was taking selfie shots however extra behind-the-scenes images surfaced online showing how the company faked the images claiming it was shot on the Nova 3. The company got caught for the second time when it presented a stock image of a volcano erupting as if it was captured using the P30 Pro’s camera. 

Headphone Jack Removal: 

smartphone companies

Removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 was quite an issue a few years ago. Apple’s reasoning was an indistinct declaration of its ‘courage’ for innovation in the smartphone space however not many of people were not happy about it. While it may have worked out for the company in the long run, it was considered as the worst thing done by the company of smartphone. Today, almost every flagship smartphone comes with the headphone jack in the favour of better water resistance and wireless audio tech. 

Inserting Ads is smartphones: 

Xiaomi is the number one offender here for serving its customer’s advertisements on the Red Note series of smartphones. These ads are obtrusive that many opt to flash the phone and install a different OS ROM to get around the problem. Ads are personal devices are quite obtrusive, mainly since most of the free applications on the smartphone are already afflict with advertisements. It disturbs the all-over experience and is one of the worst things a smartphone company can do. Other companies like Samsung, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, and others have also started to advertise on their smartphones treating personal devices as some sort of a digital billboard. 


Heavy Discount After Launch:

There is a thing every Indian Android user knows is that smartphones often get high discounts soon after launching the gadget. Samsung company is known for doing flagship Galaxy smartphones and it frequently leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the customers who purchased the smartphones on the launch day. iPhones do not lose as much value as fast as the Android cell phone does. Nevertheless, we would advise you to take any Android phone after few months it gets launched as you will get heavy discounts. 

Cheating Benchmarks:

As we all have heard the news of Realme getting caught manipulating Antutu benchmarks scores for the ‘Realme GT’ which led to the smartphone being banned for three months on the platform. Cheerlessly, Realme is not the only company who manipulate Antutu benchmarks, there were also other companies like Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Honor, and many other. Some of the companies even blocked benchmarks applications on newly launched smartphones so that the reviewers cannot run the tests as it got reflected badly in the source of review. 

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