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Amazon has been ranked as the world’s most treasures brand yet again, thrashing tech majors like Apple and Google to the race. The company fills out by $268 billion in value this year, record an amazing 64 percent jump from last year.

Amazon held the number 1 spot with a brand value of $684 billion in a new BrandZ report free by Kantar. The market report lists the world’s most treasures global brands, across a total of 13 categories.

The examination also discloses that the top 100 most treasures global brands in 2021 grew collectively by 42 percent. The growth results in a growing record of over $7 trillion in value for all the brands. 

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Its high spot how the growth is a magnificent example of a “bounce from the economic toll of the global pandemic.” A total number of 13 new companies entered the list this year. These also cover Nvidia at number 12, with a value of $105 billion, Qualcomm at 37 with 48 billion value, Zoom at 52 with $37 billion value, AMD (57) with $33 billion in value, and Spotify (99), with $19 billion value.

Tesla, Elon Musk’s company was found to be the fastest-growing brand in 2021, ranking at number 47 in the list. The company has more than doubled in value this year, with a breathe taking 275 per cent growth in value, rising to $43 billion.

Technology firms control the top spots. Among the top 10 most valued brands, seven spots have been attach by technology companies. Followed by Amazon, Google and Apple are ranked at second and third appropriately. The companies have recorded a growth of 74 per cent and 42 percent this year, rising to $612 billion and $458 billion in worth appropriately.

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Microsoft company has been ranked fourth, with a worth of $410 million, up by 26 percent from last year. Tencent and Facebook follow numbers 5 and 6 appropriately. While Tencent’s extension to $240 billion (up by 60 percent), Facebook touched a $226 billion mark with a 54 percent extension.

Other tribe tech names like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi also make it to the list. As for the high spot, Amazon seems to be on the top, with its business carry out exceptionally during a pandemic that grasps the world. As people resort to online shopping with the lockdown reduction and now as a preventative habit, the company business’ is only anticipated to increase for the time to come.

“Chinese brands are constantly and slowly progressing, and have made notable gain ground as more companies grip their own technological developments and exhibit their abilities to line up with the major trends shaping China and the global market,” said Graham Staplehurst, global strategy director at Kantar BrandZ.

The world’s top 100 brands were worth a combined $7.1 trillion, Kantar said.

2021 RankBrandValue $Billion% Change 2021 vs 2020
3Google​457.998 ​42%​
4Microsoft​410.271 ​26%​
6Facebook​226.744 ​54%​
8Visa​191.285 ​2%​
10MasterCard​112.876 ​4%

Top Chinese brands combine their lead over top European brands: China consider 14% of the top 100 brands, up from 11% a decade ago, while European brands consider for 8%, down from 20% many years ago, Kantar said.

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Tech giants Amazon AMZN, +1.49%, Apple AAPL, +1.27%, Google GOOGL, +0.43% and Microsoft MSFT, +1.10% lead this year’s list of Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands by Kantar BrandZ, a company that examines brand justice, but Chinese social media and video games company Tencent 700, +1.57% is close behind in fifth place.

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