by Devanshi Rao

Google revealed the future of Android at its yearly I/O 2021 event the last night and demonstrate some of the biggest changes coming to Android since 2014. The first beta version of the upcoming OS is already available for Pixel devices if you wanna have a look at what Android 12 is about. 

Though, if you can not install Android 12 on your device right now, then we have assembled all the top features Google will be launching later this year. The new update is expected to release around September this year. 

Here is a glimpse of Android 12 features :

New Lock Screen :

Google has completely renovated the lock screen on Android 12 where it modifies to what you have pending in terms of notifications. If the user does not have any notification regarding this update, they will see a big clock at the center. Though, if you have a notification of the update waiting for you, the clock will move up to the left to display more information on the screen. It looks quite neat and tidy, if you have a device with Always-on Display (AOD), you will be able to see the change and behavior there as well. 


Main Settings :

The main Settings menu has also collet a service where it is now easier for users to find each setting. Every menu has received a colored icon and a clear label in a legible font. It looked like a quality-of-life upgrade but it makes a big difference when you start using it. 

Quick Settings :

Quick settings have also got a change where you can now see them in the form of rounded rectangles. The users can now personalised the colours of these rectangles to their liking. Google will also be adding specific buttons for Google Pay and the Home application. Users will now be able t make payments and control the smart device even faster than before.  

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Privacy Focused :

Android 12 dashboard will give details such as which applications are accessing which part of the phone. There will now be an indicator on the top left as well which easily tells users which application are retrieve permissions for the microphone or the camera. People can also control how exactly they want to share the location with the application. Users now give approximate locations instead of an accurate location to weather and other applications which make use of location data. 

Notification Shade :

The notification shade on the new Android 12 has a more rounded look where items are congregate based on category. There is an example:- the tab of conversation will be separated as compared to other notifications. The shades feel like much more order and give a clear view to the users who have several notifications pending. The shade of notification uses space quite successfully which will be advantageous for users with smaller smartphones

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