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Apple might launch its own search engine to take on Google, as per reports. There are some signs which suggest the Cupertino, California-based company might be working towards its own search engine. Its administrative concerns and job listings by Apple for Al experts and search engines, these include the anti-competitive nature of Google. Furthermore, a report by Coywalf states that with iOS 14 beta and iPadOS 14 beta, Apple’s spotlight search bypasses Google Search.

As per the report, Google has been paying Apple for some years to remain the default search engine on Safari for iOS, iPad, and macOS. Google is searched in Safari by the iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, the deal ensures. This is going to be there until users manually change the default search engine preferences. 

As per UK Competition and Market Authority gives rights to regulatory concerns the deal is anti-competitive in nature. The regulators might force Apple to remove Google as the default search engine and can let users choose which search engine they want, Google, or Safari. 

More information about Apple’s search engine:

Search engine

Infotech lead noted, “Apple became the first listed US company to reach the market value of $2 trillion which is investing experts in a residency program to apply their skills to build AI-empowered products and experiences and revolutionary machine learning.”

Apple said in a statement, “As these intelligent experiences solve our user’s problems across disciplines, the need for domain experts to understand machine learning grows. This is why the AI/ML residency program aims to immerse these experts in the ML space.” Apple said in a job description that, “Apple’s on-device machine learning enables intelligent experiences across our integrated hardware, software, and services.”

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Coywol’s report guesses that Apple can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to bring search results based on their email, messages, maps, events, reminders, notes, photos, files, contacts, music, news, TV shows and movies, third-party apps, documents, and more. They can also do it without ads and with the promise of real data privacy. 

Furthermore, Apple has updated its Applebot web crawler page to verify traffic, enlarge details on the Applebot user agent and express that they don’t crawl HTML, but also give pages similar to Google. Some of the reports have confirmed that the Applebot has been regularly crawling sites. 

If Apple comes with its own search engine, its purpose will be different than showing ads and data mining. This report hypothesizes that the possible Apple search engine will work as a highly personalized data hub. It will be more of a like Google Assistant on Android except which will not have advertisements and will be completely private with notably deeper integrations with the OS. 

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