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Apple watch

Apple has released the first public beta version for Apple watch OS 7. 2020 is the first year where apple has done a public beta version for the new watchOS release, before that apple has allowed people to check out their pavilion iOS and macOS updates before it’s publicly available. 

For starting this, you need to download and install the iOS 14 on the iPhone which you have paired to the watch. Apple will also warn you about the data which may not be backward agreeable. Additionally, some of the features like VoiceOver is currently not working in Watch OS 7. 

In this OS 7, the main feature which came and which is very interesting is to keep a tack of your sleep patterns. This update adds an application on which it will show you how long have you slept the night before. Also, it doesn’t include the breakdown of sleep cycles. Apple has now included the activity app, which is now called Fitness and which includes more exact calorie tracking for activities like practical strength and basic training.

Other less outstanding features but still welcomes the additions which are included in new watch faces, also the feature which allows people to share them with their friends and families. Apple Watch now started again Google Maps in the watch which they uninstalled before some year because of some personal issues.  

There is not a single watch update in 2020 which would be complete without handwashing features. This new update comes with an automatic handwashing detector which will detect you to wash your hands as much as you can. It is the best software if you use it on a daily basis. 

Apple watch

How to install the Apple Watch OS 7 Public Beta version:

While installing the OS 7 public beta version, you need to be running the iOS 14 betas on your iPhone to pair it with the watch. 

  • Open the browser on your iPhone and navigate the Apple Beta Software Program Website. 
  • Tap the top-right corner button of the webpage and then select the option of Sign In.
  • Enter your Apple ID. 
  • One Public Beta screen will appear. Select the watchOS tab, scroll down for the start, section, and tap on the enroll your watch option. 
  • Tap on Download Profile.
  • After downloading, click on allow the option to download the beta profile on to your phone. 
  • Tap on Install and they will ask you for your phone passcode. 
  • Read all the details, then tap on install. 
  • Tap on the restart, if they ask you for that. 
  • Launch the Watch app on your phone. 
  • Select General > Software update. 
  • After few minutes, you will see the watch OS 7 will be available for download. Place you watch on the charger and tap on Download and Install. 
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