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Supercar maker Bugatti’s Ceramique Edition One Pur Sport smartwatch characteristic an AMOLED display with 390×390 pixels screen resolution. The Bugatti company has launched three new smartwatches with prices starting at approximately Rs 80,000.  

The Luxury supercar company Bugatti launches three smartwatches, more probably a few people will buy them. The company announced three new smartwatch models packing innovating technology. 

The company has tied up with watchmaker VIITA to launch three new smartwatches that will showcase innovative technology. The company has developed a total of three new smartwatches, which at first sight appear to be classy as the brand’s high-performance automobiles. 

VIITA has bloomed to become a leading luxury smartwatch brand. Its amalgamation with Bugatti reflects common design beliefs of excellence and the development of innovating technology as drivers for their products. 

Each Bugatti watch is made up of more than 1,000 tiny parts together. The three new Ceramique Edition One smartwatch from Bugatti bear the names of some of the luxury automaker’s iconic brands like Divo, Pur Sport, and Le Noir. Three of the models are all prefixed by Bugatti Ceramic. It is being said that the supply of these watches will be limited. 

Bugatti Smartwatches features :


The smartwatches feature a high-resolution 390×390 pixel AMOLED touchscreen within a sculpted sapphire glass housing. The bezel is made up of scratch-resistant ceramic. 

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The smartwatch is powered by a 445-mAh battery which can power it for up to two weeks, and it is water-resistance up to 10 ATM. The smartwatch can be synced with Android 7.0 smartphones and iOS 13.0 devices. 

These luxury smartwatches are fitted with 90 different sports modes, fitness and health sensors along with acceleration, and GPS support to monitor essential data at every moment. Its heart rate sensor measures both heart rate and heart rate variability. Reports say that all three Bugatti smartwatches are designed with the highest level of comfort, accuracy, and class. 

Bugatti is designed to be a status symbol gadget, and there is not much more to expect in terms of its software and supported applications. The smartwatches run on an operating system developed by Bugatti in cooperation with VIITA. The smartwatches can be paired to any of the devices, like iOS and Android. But, these watches do not support Google Fit or Apple Health. 

There will be an option to choose the rubber wrist strap and vitamin strap. Several actualization and custom-make are possible with each model of the smartwatch. 

Automobiles Ettore Bugatti is a produced of high-performance automobiles. Volkswagen owned it right now, and it was founded in France in 1909. The brand is known for its famous Bugatti Veyron, which is one of the fastest production of cars globally, with a top speed of 431kmph. 

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