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COVID-19 symptoms

Now you will be able to determine the initial COVID-19 symptoms if you have a smartwatch or smart band. As we all know that in smartwatches and bands you can see the number of calories you have burnt every day and also you can see the number of steps you took. The analyzer of Stanford University is detecting that smart devices like smartwatches and bands are the detector of COVID-19 symptoms. 

As we all know how Corona Virus is not in a mood to slow down all over the world. The cases are increasing day by day and in these difficult times, which could have been better than a watch who shows you the early symptoms of coronavirus. For early determination of the symptoms of COVID-19, Stanford University analyzer has started the study of a wearable like a smartwatch and bands to find the symptoms.  

The details of COVID-19 symptoms which can be detected in smartwatches:

The data obtained from the smartwatch of 31 people who were positive with the virus, the study announced that 80% of the people who use smartwatches can see the symptoms of the virus. This data which was collected by these 31 people showed that the symptoms appear later, infection is seen before. Whoop founder Will Ahmed said that “They’re using the technology to measure everything about their bodies, but especially respiratory rate, which we’ve found is a very important statistic for understanding COVID-19.”

The smartwatch can detect changes in respiratory rate, heart rate, and much more important state which can be noticed by the watch. All of these can happen because of the symptoms of the coronavirus. After the watch indicates you about the early symptoms of COVID, the person who is infected can isolate himself to take care of himself. Professor Michael Snyder of Stanford University School of Medicine said, ”When someone gets ill, even before you know it, your body starts changing, and heart rate of that person goes up.”

COVID-19 symptoms in Apple Watch

The study is still going on and the analyzer are searching for volunteer more and more people. The volunteer who will be taking part in the research will have to share all the details of their wearables like skin temperature, blood oxygen congestion, and heart rate. This thing is done by an application that has been created by Stanford’s bioinformatics team. Whoever would take after in this should be corona positive or they can be a risk of getting in contact with the virus. The people should be above 18 years of age for taking participants. Apple Watch, Garmin, and Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers are the devices which are been used to detect the symptoms. 

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The smartwatch can detect easily the changes inside the body of people who does not have symptoms, said by the Professor of Stanford University. Professor Synder said, ”We can tell when someone’s getting ill before symptoms. That’s super powerful. You can tell people to stay at home. Don’t go out, infect other people.” Also, in one case he discloses that the COVID-19 infection can be detected in nine days before showing any early symptoms by the watch. 

By this app, he or she can get to know whether they are sick or not. If they are sick they can visit the doctor and should avoid meeting other people so that they can not get infected. Smartwatch is being used for many years now, it is not like that smartwatch are being used for the first time for knowing the health issues. Apple watches are being used to check the heart rate, weather, and many more things. 

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