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Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, visited the port of Cape Town when he realized that his iPad was missing. iPad was one of the top trending words on Twitter on Tuesday, but if you are wondering it is because of a new iPad launch by Apple, you erroneous. Yes, Apple has plans to a new iPad this year, the reason why the word iPad was trending because of the South African President. 

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa was on his visit to the Port of Cape Town when he got to know that his iPad was not with him. Ramaphosa was assumed to address a media gathering in Cape Town but as soon as he reached the stage, he realized that his iPad which he frequently uses to mention too for his speeches, has been purloining. .“Somebody decided to divest me of my iPad, so I want that. Can I have my iPad, please? So they stole it, I had my iPad, this is the problem of always handing the gadgets out to other people, It is great that I should keep all these things with me.” Cyril said. He stood there with complete silence while trying to remember where he had placed his Apple device. Cyril then went back to his seat.

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The iPad was later recovered, but his office contradicts that the iPad was stolen. “Thank you, South Africa. There was no question regarding the iPad being missing or stolen. The President was making a carefree point while waiting for the iPad to be brought to him – which it was before he set about his remarks to media,” the official Twitter handle of President of South Africa posted.

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The video of President Ramphosa went viral all over social media after the incident, after that the iPad started trending on Twitter. By reacting to his video, one of the Twitter users said, “President Ramaphosa acting like a student who has not done his homework for presentation. How does the President’s iPad gets stolen/lost easily.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

On an interconnected note, Apple may finally launch the iPad mini 6 later this year. To refresh the memories, the small-sized Apple tablets that are known as iPad mini were last came out in 2019. Noted source, Jon Prosser had shared the provider of the claim iPad Mini 6. The images got out that the iPad mini will feature a similar design as the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

After some time, Athi Geleba, the head of digital communications in the Presidency, tweeted the “First iPad” had in fact been found.

The audience chortle and Ramaphosa started his speech moments later. The president depends daily on his iPad during speeches and meetings, opting in opposition to printed notes. Politicians and citizens took to Twitter to comment on the event of the missing presidential iPad. Among those, were UDM (Unified Data Management) head Bantu Holomisa. 

Ramaphosa had to sit aside until a backup copy of his speech was brought. Some of the people found it funny while others criticize what they thought to be the boldness of a crime that could happen to our first citizen. The Presidency said, however, that the president was mocking around.

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