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Gulf countries are reaping the fruits of their own karma!: Dubai received two years of rain in a few hours, artificial rain responsible for flooding?

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Dubai Rain

On the night of April 15, heavy rains started in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. In no time it turned into a storm. The situation was such that dozens of cities in these countries were flooded by Tuesday. Dubai international airport in the middle of the desert has received over 6.26 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. According to the weather information website ‘The’, this much rain occurs here in two years.

Some experts are blaming cloud seeding i.e. artificial rainfall as the cause of these floods in the Gulf countries. The Associated Press claimed in its report that the Dubai administration had flown a plane to bring rain through cloud seeding on Monday. Shortly after this, the Gulf countries faced heavy rains and floods.


Question 1: What is cloud seeding i.e. artificial rain, which is said to be responsible for floods in Gulf countries including the UAE?

Answer: When there is no natural rainfall anywhere, the technique of artificially converting clouds into rain is called cloud seeding. For cloud seeding, chemicals such as silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) are scattered in the sky near the clouds by helicopter or plane.These particles attract water vapor in the air, forming storm clouds and eventually rain. In this way it takes about half an hour for the rain to fall.

Question 2: Has this technology been used in Dubai before?
Answer: Yes, in July 2021 when the temperature reached 50 degrees in Dubai, cloud seeding was done to provide relief from the heat. This technique is used to combat drought in Gulf countries. It started in the 1990s in the UAE.

Question 3: How many countries in the world have the technology to make artificial rain and is it available in India?
Answer: Yes, India also has the technology to create artificial rain. It has also been used on many occasions. Apart from this, 60 countries of the world, including China and America, have developed the technology of making artificial rain.

Dubai Rain

Question 4: What does cloud seeding do other than cause rain?
Answer: This technology is mostly used in drought prone areas or to combat air pollution. Cloud seeding is also sometimes used to clear fog around some airports. A classic example of this is the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where China made it rain in Beijing a day in advance by converting clouds into rain through cloud seeding.

According to NBC News, China used 11 thousand weapons for cloud seeding. It includes 6,781 rocket launchers and 4,110 artillery guns. Cloud seeding has two main objectives – either to increase rainfall or snowfall or to induce rain at a specific location a day or two in advance.

Dubai Rain

Question 5: Has cloud seeding caused flooding in Gulf countries including UAE due to cloud bursting?
Answer: When there is heavy rainfall at a particular place at a particular time we call it cloudburst. Cloud bursting depends on how much cloud is deposited by cloud seeding.Cloud bursting can occur if overly vapor-laden clouds are identified and cloud seeding is performed. In such a scenario, it is possible that it may cause heavy rainfall in Gulf countries including UAE. which caused the flood.

Question 6: What is America’s Operation Popeye, in which cloud seeding was done to win the war?
Answer: The US used cloud seeding technology during the Vietnam War between 1967 and 1972. In this war, America launched Operation Popeye to win over Vietnam.Under this, the United States carried out a cloud burst event through cloud seeding in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Due to which, sudden rains, floods and landslides occurred there. Due to which the Vietnam Army suffered heavy losses.

Dubai Rain

Due to the rain, the movement of planes at Dubai International Airport, the busiest in the world, has stopped. A Dubai Airport spokesperson told Gulf News that 45 flights were canceled on Tuesday. 3 flights were diverted to other airports.

This video of Dubai International Airport submerged in water has been shared by media house Al Arabiya…

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