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Google Maps

Google Maps is getting redesign which will show details in the street features and help you differentiate between nature, beaches, dense forests, deserts, and mountains. The maps will be available in 220 countries and regions right now supported by Google Maps. The detailed street map features will be made available in selected cities.  

Google said in a blog post, “We’re rolling out new visual improvements that bring even more detail and granularity to the map, making it easier to understand what an area looks like whether you’re exploring virtually or planning a visit.” 

They also said that it will be used as satellite imagery and computer vision as the basis for its redesigned maps. Google applied a “new color-mapping algorithmic technique” to help users to identify the area based on colors. Google gave an example, a densely covered forest can be classified as dark green and an area of patchy shrubs could appear as a lighter shade of green, Google noted. They also explained that “First, we use computer vision to identify natural features from our satellite imagery, looking specifically at arid, icy, forested, and mountainous regions. We then analyze these features and assign them a range of colors on the HSV color model.”

Google Maps

More information about Google Maps update:

Google will also start a new feature that will show the pedestrians in the maps in selected cities like London, New York, and San Francisco in the coming months. They are also planning to add this feature to more cities in the coming period. The details which are included in the accurate shape and width of a road to scale and also other details like the location of sidewalks and crosswalks will also be available.

In this month’s starting, Google maps got back in the Apple Watch after almost 3 years. Users will be able to use Google Maps on Apple Watch to navigate by bike, public transport, car, or by walking. Google will also show you the approximate time for arriving and the step by step directions. Also, Google Maps will now be agreeable on Apple’s CarPlay screen on the car dashboard. 

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