by Devanshi Rao

Facebook recently updated the new feature Off-Facebook activity tool which basically gives users more control over how the websites and the application which they are using, share data with this platform. This activity includes the information shared by the other online business, companies, which is shared with Facebook when the user visits any applications or websites.  

“Personalise your experience, such as showing you relevant ads,” says Facebook. As it comes under increasing the inspection, that how it handles user privacy. There were many questioned raised over this ‘Off-Facebook activity’. 

Facebook is finally planning to give users more authority over how it gets access to uses data. Facebook gives users the option to disgust their Off-Facebook activity tracking. But remember, if you are logging your Facebook account into an application, then the data sharing will continue. 

To analysis your Off-Facebook activity:

  • Click on the top right arrow of Facebook
  • Select the option from Settings < Settings and Privacy
  • In the left column, click Your Facebook Information. Click on Off-Facebook Activity.
  • Click Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity for more information. While turning off the Off-Facebook Activity they will ask you to re-enter your Facebook passcode.  
Off-Facebook activity

What does turning off this ‘Off-Facebook’ activity do?

Turning off the ‘Off-Facebook activity’ results to the users can no longer seeing the personalised advertisements which is based on their everyday online activity. As per Facebook they will continue to collect some data.  

Facebook says, “We’ll still receive activity from the businesses and organizations you visit. It may be used for measurement purposes and to make improvements to our ads systems, but it will be disconnected from your account.”

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What Facebook do with your ‘Off-Facebook’ activity?

They use your Off-Facebook activity and activity on Facebook, to:

  • They will show you more relevant ads. You can customize your ad experience by using Ad Preferences.
  • Suggestions for events, groups, or Marketplace items the user might be interested in. 
  • Help the user locate new brands and businesses. 
  • Help businesses and companies to understand how their website, app, or ads are complete and whether they’re reaching the people they want.
  • Recognize unsure activity to help keep Facebook safe. 

How to turn off the ‘Off-Facebook’ activity sharing?

Facebook Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity, this is to check which applications and websites have been sharing the data with Facebook. There is also an option to download the whole list of your Off-Facebook activity which is shared by applications and websites, also there is an option to clear the history. 

Use the “turn off future activity” switch for different businesses or spin the blue switch on the right side from Manage Future Activity tab or turn off your “Off-Facebook activity”. Even if the option is not turned on, they said that businesses and companies are not allowed to share their information like financial data and health. This update was announced last year in August. They company has made it available to all it users. 

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