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Samsung new devices: 2020

Samsung Galaxy series reveals 5 new products in the galaxy series which include Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Tab S7 and S7+, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Z Fold2. “Never before have we planned on technology like we did today. It’s how we are staying connected as we navigate the extraordinary challenges faced around the world,” said Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. 

Technology is a thing which makes life easier rather than complicated. That is why the company decided to introduce its 5 new power products. All these 5 products are powerful tools to help you work and play maximize. 

Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra:

Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra got launched in India on 5 August. The Galaxy Note 20 has a 6.7-inch full HD flat display with a resolution of 1,080×2,400 and has an aspect ratio of 20:9. There is a 12 MP wide-angle camera, a 64 MP telephoto lens, and a 12 MP ultra-wide lens. The phone has a 4300mAh battery which would run Android 10 and One UI 2.5. The phone has 8GB RAM/12GB internal storage. The price of the phone is approximately Rs. 75,000. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was also launched in India on 5 August. The phone has a 6.90-inch touchscreen display with a high resolution of 1440×3200 pixels and has an aspect ratio of 19.3:9. The phone also has a 108-megapixel primary camera with an f/1.8 aperture and a pixel size of 0.8-micron; a second 12-megapixel camera with an f/3.0 aperture and a pixel size of 1.0-micron and a third 12-megapixel camera with an f/2.2 aperture and a pixel size of 1.4-micron. The phone also has sensors on the phone which include an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, barometer, compass, gyroscope, proximity sensor, and in-display fingerprint sensor. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra supports face unlock. The price is approximately Rs. 98,000. 

Both the phone works like a computer and you can play the game on these devices like a pro because it is so smooth to play game or to work in this devices. Both the phones are organized, so you can have more time to stay connected to the people you want. Samsung is bringing its Microsoft partnership to the next level with the Galaxy Note 20 series 5G. Both the phone will give you the power to be a filmmaker by its high definition cameras. 


Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+: 

Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+

Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are the two multiskilled tallest which combines the power of the computer and the mobility of tablet to help the user to stay productive. Galaxy Tab S processor20 is the latest processor which is in this tablet with the memory of up to 512GB. Both of the tallest comes with a 120Hz rate. The Galaxy Tab S7 is 11-inch and the Galaxy Tab S7+ is of the 12.4-inch display. 

The tablet comes with an S pen and Samsung Notes. Also, you can transform your laptop with a keyboard attachment so that you can feel like you are working on a computer. 

Galaxy Watch 3:

Galaxy Watch 3 is the device which will manage your fitness goals. Designed with the stainless steel and great leather. The feature of the watch is craftsmanship of an luxury timepiece can be comfortable while wearing it. The watch manages your lifestyle management along with the heart rate sensor so you can get to know about your health.  

Galaxy Buds:

The new shape of the wireless earbuds is here-the Galaxy Buds. These buds are truly iconic designed and are comfortable to wear, they make a unique fashion style. Galaxy Buds have three microphones and the voice pickup unit which sense the jaw which moves and changes the data into voice signals to convey the sound quality. 

Galaxy Z Fold 2:

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung introduces the next generation foldable-Galaxy Z Fold 2. When the two of the foldable devices wherein the market, audiences requested to upgrade the phone with new features and then Samsung reveals the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the important transformations. The phone is a combination of flexibility and portability with the power and the size of the screen is like a tablet which is very useful. 

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The phone screen is of 6.2-inches and the main (large) screen is of 7.6-inches and it comes with the two edge-to-edge displays. The battery is of 4500 mAh and it also supports fast charging. It has the feature of face unlock along with the fingerprint and password option. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 price in India is approximately Rs. 1,74,999.  

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