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YouTube introduces new shopping features to support content creators in promoting their goods and increasing their revenue.

by Kabir Khan
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YouTube revealed its plans to introduce new shopping features on Tuesday. These features will enable creators to more easily create shoppable collections, plan their shoppable videos more effectively, monetize older videos more quickly, and much more.


The new features are being introduced as TikTok Shop looks to challenge YouTube Shopping and other industry rivals. It has been reported that TikTok wants to grow its TikTok Shop U.S. business to ten times its current size, up to $17.5 billion, this year.

YouTube is going to start offering “Shopping Collections,” which will let content creators choose products from their preferred brands for viewers to peruse. Product selection can be based on a theme chosen by creators, such as a capsule wardrobe or an everyday makeup look. The creator’s product list, Store tab, and video description will all display the collections. Creators will be able to create Collections on their phones using the Studio app at launch. Soon, YouTube intends to make the feature available on desktops.


“Chase your dreams even if you fail, because the greatest failure is not trying at all.”

Susan Wojcicki

Additionally, YouTube is introducing a new Affiliate Hub within its app to facilitate creators’ access to information regarding the most recent list of shopping partners, promo codes, and competitive commission rates. By using the hub, creators will also be able to ask renowned brands for samples. The new hub is intended to facilitate creators’ next shoppable video planning, according to YouTube.

Adding to its list of integrated platforms is YouTube’s Fourthwall, a website builder that assists creators in creating shops. It’s now simpler for users to create and manage content directly in YouTube Studio thanks to YouTube’s integration of Fourthwall shops. Spring, Spreadshop, and Shopify are already integrated with YouTube.


YouTube introduced features last year that let content producers tag products in bulk throughout their library of videos based on products that are added to the description of the videos. This feature is now being extended by YouTube to all shopping creators. According to the company, if an older piece of content is still receiving a lot of traffic, this feature can help creators make more money from it.

YouTube disclosed on Tuesday that in 2023, users viewed more than 30 billion hours of videos of shopping. The amount of time users spent watching YouTube shopping tutorial videos increased by 25% on the platform.

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