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The Best iOS 18 Features You’ll Have to Wait For

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Apple’s iOS updates are always highly anticipated events, with users eager to explore the new features and enhancements. However, with the release of iOS 18, some users might find themselves waiting a bit longer for certain promised features. Despite the initial rollout of iOS 18, several key features are slated to arrive only with iOS 18.1 or later. This article delves into the specifics of these delayed features and what users can expect when they finally become available.

iPhone displaying iOS 18 update screen

Introduction to iOS 18 and Its Staggered Feature Release

iOS 18 brings a plethora of improvements and new functionalities to iPhones, enhancing the user experience and boosting device performance. However, as is often the case with major updates, not all features are ready for prime time at launch. Apple has decided to delay the rollout of several significant features until iOS 18.1 or subsequent updates. This staggered release approach aims to ensure that each new feature is thoroughly tested and polished before it reaches users’ devices.

One of the most eagerly awaited features in iOS 18 is the enhanced multitasking capability, designed to make it easier for users to manage multiple apps simultaneously. This feature promises to bring a more intuitive and seamless multitasking experience, allowing users to split their screens more efficiently and switch between apps with greater ease. However, this functionality is not included in the initial iOS 18 release and is expected to debut in iOS 18.1.

Privacy has always been a cornerstone of Apple’s product philosophy, and iOS 18 introduces several new privacy enhancements. Among these is a more advanced set of privacy settings that provide users with greater control over their data and how it is shared. Unfortunately, these advanced privacy features require additional refinement and testing, leading Apple to push their release to iOS 18.1 or later. When they do arrive, users can look forward to more granular control over app permissions and data sharing.

Notification Center on iOS 18

The Notification Center in iOS 18 is set to receive a major overhaul, designed to improve how notifications are organized and presented. This revamp aims to reduce clutter and enhance user interaction with notifications. However, this feature is part of the delayed rollout and will not be available until a later update, likely iOS 18.1. The updated Notification Center will include smart categorization and new interactive elements, offering a more streamlined and functional notification management experience.

Health and fitness tracking continues to be a significant focus for Apple, with iOS 18 introducing several new health monitoring tools. These tools are designed to provide users with more comprehensive insights into their health and wellness. However, due to the need for extensive testing and validation, these features will be introduced in a future update. Users can expect enhancements such as more detailed sleep tracking, advanced heart rate monitoring, and additional wellness metrics to arrive with iOS 18.1 or later.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a rapidly growing field, and iOS 18 aims to push the boundaries of what is possible with AR on mobile devices. Enhanced AR experiences, including improved object recognition and more interactive AR applications, are some of the standout features of this update. However, these capabilities require further development and optimization, meaning they will not be included in the initial iOS 18 release. Instead, users will have to wait for iOS 18.1 or subsequent updates to experience the full potential of AR enhancements.

Apple’s advanced privacy settings in iOS 18

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is set to receive several upgrades in iOS 18, including more natural language processing and better integration with third-party apps. These improvements aim to make Siri more responsive and useful in everyday tasks. However, these enhancements are still undergoing fine-tuning and will be rolled out in a later update. Users can anticipate a more capable and versatile Siri with the release of iOS 18.1 or beyond.

The delayed features of iOS 18 underscore Apple’s commitment to delivering polished and reliable updates. While the wait might be disappointing for some, the staggered release ensures that each new feature meets Apple’s high standards for quality and performance. iOS 18.1 and subsequent updates will bring these long-awaited enhancements to users, enriching their iPhone experience with new functionalities and improvements.

Apple’s decision to delay certain iOS 18 features until iOS 18.1 or later is a testament to its dedication to quality and user satisfaction. By ensuring that each new feature is fully developed and tested, Apple is prioritizing a smooth and reliable user experience. While waiting for these updates might require some patience, the result will be a more robust and feature-rich iOS that continues to set the standard for mobile operating systems.

Apple has delayed certain features to ensure they are thoroughly tested and refined before release, maintaining high quality and performance standards.

Enhanced multitasking capabilities, including improved split-screen functionality and easier app switching, are expected in iOS 18.1.

Advanced privacy settings that offer more granular control over app permissions and data sharing will be introduced in iOS 18.1 or later.

The revamped Notification Center will feature smart categorization and interactive elements, providing a more organized and functional notification management experience.

New health monitoring tools, including detailed sleep tracking and advanced heart rate monitoring, will be available in future updates.

Enhanced AR experiences, including improved object recognition and interactive applications, will arrive with iOS 18.1 or subsequent updates.

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