by Devanshi Rao
iOS 15

Google announced its latest operating system for smartphones like Android 12 and it will be hard to let go of some of the major updates which will improve a users’ experience. In fact, some of these intelligent features will make perfect sense for iOS 15 as well, that is why we feel some of them should come to the walled garden as well. 

I prefer both Android and iOS devices and it’s kind of hard to ignore feature which both platforms excel at. After getting a deep look into Android 12, let me tell you something more.

Here is the feature I would like iOS 15 to copy :

Customisations :

Google has gone a step further when it comes to personalizing your experience on Android 12. For the opener, you can now make your smartphone unique to you, all thanks to the new ‘Material You’ design choice for Android 12. The new update will let the Android users set a color theme. You can also match the colors of the wallpaper by using the Quick Settings menu and the Notification shade.

iOS 15

If the wallpaper has hints of pink, the system will automatically pick that up and apply it to different surfaces of the operating system. It will be awesome to see the same level of personalized on iOS 15 as well even though Apple has been known to not offer a plethora of personalized options. 

Quick Settings :

Many of the smart devices today are adaptable with Apple’s Homekit and can be gain from the Control Centre. Android 12’s Quick Settings work in a similar way, but it’s far easier to access and is tied to the notification shade. This authorizes users to access smart devices with a single swipe on the same screen without having the need to go to a different menu. On iOS, the control center is separated from the Notification Center which makes accessing smart devices a bit more annoying. On Android 12, using the new Quick Settings is a far smoother experience and more well organized than using iOS’ Control Centre. 

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Notifications :

Notifications on iOS are still a major issue as it’s not at par with Android at the moment. In the Notification Centre, it’s complicated and often takes up a lot of real estates. Android 12’s notifications have now improved further, thanks to the new features. Users can directly manage junk mails, reply to messages and get relevant information such as weather updates straight from the notification shade. 

For group Notifications and Instant Messaging conversations, Google also does a better job. It’s a more smooth way of handling notifications and it’s high time we see Apple implement something similar for iPhone users. 

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