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Tick-Borne New China Virus 2020

by Devanshi Rao
Tick-born virus

In 2020 New virus found in china named Tick-borne. 75 people got infection thru this and 9 people dead. In this article, we provide details and symptoms. Continue reading to know more details about this. For more than seven months in the epidemic, the novel coronavirus has destabilized around 19 million people worldwide and resulted in 711,271 casualties. Even with strict social distance measures and lockdowns in place, the toll of the highly contagious remains with each passing day. As we struggle to live with the new normal in the face of the epidemic – which is reportedly emerging from Wuhan, China – the country has reported a new infectious disease caused by a tick-borne virus.

About tick-borne virus:

The tick-borne virus has inactivated 75 people and killed at least 10. The government has already warned people for the possible human-to-human disease of the disease as scientists and medical experts believe the infection has been transferred from tick to humans.

Viruses that are transmitted through tick bites are identified as OIT severe fever ‘thrombocytopenia syndrome’ or SFTSvirus. According to the leading Chinese daily Times ‘Global Times’, more than 37 cases were reported in the first unit of the first year in east China’s Jiangsu province and 23 more people were contracted later in eastern China’s Anhui province to contract the disease for was found.

Tick-born virus

This is not a new disease:

SFTS is not a new disease as it was first reported in 2009 in Central China and since then the country has isolated the pathogen in 2011. The pathogen of the virus is of the category Beau virus, a family of arthropod-borne and Kutumba.

What are the symptoms of tick-borne virus?

Firstly, According to the report of the Chinese daily, a woman from Nanjing, the capital of Jambusu, showed fever and cough-like symptoms. After her surgical examination, doctors found that she also had a low platelet count and blood leukocyte degeneration.

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She was hospitalized for a period of one month for proper treatment of viral contestants, after which he was discharged. Some other symptoms of the tick-borne disease may include headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches. One of the first affiliated hospital under Zheng University.

Dr. Sheng Jifang said that the possibility of human-to-human health cannot be excluded. Patients can pass the virus to others through blood or mucus. Doctors warned that the major risk of tick bites is the route, as long as people remain vigilant, according to the agency’s report, there is no need to panic with such virus infection.

How is tick-borne virus treated?

  1. When you find a tick on your body remove it with a tick removal tool or with the tweezers. For removing the tick follow these steps:
  2. Grab the tick as much close as you can to your skin’s surface.
  3. Pull the tick away from the skin, with certain pressure.
  4. Check after you pull the tick from your body, whether the tick is still there or not.
  5. Clean the bite with soap and water.
  6. Once you remove the tick from your body, dip into a container of rubbing alcohol to make sure that it is dead. 

After following these steps, see a doctor first. It is important to see a doctor after a tick bite, to make sure that it is serious or not. Different countries have different ways to treat this virus. 

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