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After achieving profitability, the carpooling platform BlaBlaCar secures a $108 million debt line.

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A well-known brand in the French startup scene is BlaBlaCar . It is difficult to think of the carpooling and bus ticketing firm as a startup anymore because it has been in operation for such a long time. Nevertheless, BlaBlaCar’s distinct history makes it a very fascinating firm today.


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What was once a tenacious online hitchhiking group blossomed into a unicorn-status firm that garnered hundreds of millions of dollars. After then, it spread to other nations on multiple continents before lowering its goals and turning its attention to profitability.

According to Brusson, “debt is a tool that’s super flexible, non-dilutive, and relatively attractive.” The €100 million credit line is held by many major French, British, and American institutions.


credit :blablacar

Every journey begins with a single ride. Embrace the road ahead and let your shared experiences fuel your journey to greatness.


Since BlaBlaCar hasn’t yet reached its loan limit, it isn’t now paying interest. Brusson, nevertheless, stated that he intended to utilize that loan capacity to buy out smaller businesses. Since a lot of startups are having trouble raising capital for their next round of investment, BlaBlaCar will be in a position to swoop in and buy out these smaller businesses.

Profitable for the previous two years.

BlaBlaCar is not a publicly traded firm, but it is gradually coming to terms with the idea that it may disclose some numbers to the public. In this manner, BlaBlaCar will be able to declare for the first time that it has turned a profit; in actuality, it has been doing so since April 2022.


credit : blablacar

The achievement must be greatly relieving, given 2023 has shown to be a difficult year for French companies — unless, of course, you are involved in the development of artificial intelligence goods.

“The company is profitable overall. Our company has turned a profit for nearly two years,” co-founder and CEO Nicolas Brusson said to shuttech Except for maybe the first two months, 2022 was the first nearly whole year following COVID. Our sales was €195 million. We ultimately had a little negative year, but that was primarily due to a terrible first quarter.

BlaBlaCar Adding Train ticket.

BlaBlaCar aims to unify all modes of ground transportation throughout Europe. The startup intends to provide rail tickets in addition to carpooling and bus journeys. It will be possible for users to purchase tickets within the next year or so.

For us, the plan is to mix it with carpooling. Thus, we will be able to provide trips that combine carpooling and the train almost door-to-door, according to Brusson.

Even if you choose not to use BlaBlaCar to reserve your next train ticket, the business is testing last-mile carpooling as well. For somewhat shorter distances, we have an alternative model in that scenario. Linking rail stations to your destination is the aim. You usually need to travel to your grandmother’s house, your vacation house, or your weekend break if you arrive at Vannes Station. There are still 10 to 40 kilometers to go,” he said.

The business will ping the numerous BlaBlaCar users who are now traveling in that route to inquire if they are able to pick up a group of individuals at the train station and drop them off at their destination.

In areas outside of Europe, bus travel has the most potential. The bus sector is still highly fragmented and offline, which is fantastic news for us in these areas, according to Brusson. He cited the fact that bus tickets in Brazil and India are purchased for billions of dollars, indicating that there is still potential for BlaBlaCar to expand.

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