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Twitter started pilot testing fleet ads in the US. The video ads will feature 30 seconds of content. In these ads, it will also feature swipe up and call to action within their ads. 

Twitter will start testing advertisements for fleets, its stories equal. The social media giant noted that it will start pilot testing fleet ads in the US. These advertisements will be full-screen, vertical format ads which will be offered across social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more. The new fleet ads will appear in between fleets from people you follow and will support images and videos in 9:16 format. The video ads will feature 30 seconds of content. The ads will also feature swipe up and call to action within their ads. 

It launches this fleet thing in November and points at inspired uncertain users to share content to the platforms, as they got vanished after 24 hours. Fleets can not be retweeted or used in quote tweets. They appear on the top of users’ applications above their feed and allow users to port text, photos or videos, and reactions to tweets. 

Advertisers will receive standard ad benchmark for their fleet ads, which includes impressions, clicks, website visits, profile visits, TechCrunch reported. It will report video views, 6-second video views, completes starts, quartile reporting, and other benchmarks.


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Twitter noted that it looks to understand how to ads perform from customers not just on fleets ads but also for future duplication of full-screen formats on Twitter.  

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Twitter said, “Appearing in between Fleets from people who are divide pictures from the dog park in Fort Funston or video of their morning coffee stroll in Williamsburg, Fleet ads are all about to attach your message with every day.” Twitter further noted, “We also believe that ads should be non-intrusive and bring value to people, so we’re focused on learning more about how people feel about and capture with this new placement.”

For the moment, Twitter has reopened its verification request gateway days after hesitant the process briefly. This means that the users can submit verification requests or requests for blue ticks on this platform. Twitter had briefly stopped the verification process weeks shortly after launching because there were many requests from accounts to get verified. Twitter had to reopen its verification portal five years after closing the process. 

The company is launching the pilot program in the US will just 10 advertisers, which includes those in CPG verticals, retail, dining, and tech. 

Twitter declined to say how many or what percentage of Twitter’s active user base has now adopted fleets, noting instead that 73% of those who post fleets say they also browse what others are sharing. The company says it plans to roll out the new updates and features to fleets in the future, as it continues to invest in the product. Fleet ads will launch in the US on both iOS and Android. 

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