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Xbox series S is unavoidable at this movement. Over this weekend, people started to discover that the market version of the Xbox controller for Xbox Series X. When they started the packing, they found a document of Xbox series S. Microsoft confirms officially the existence of the more affordable next-gen Xbox, which means now it is good time to talk about why less powerful console makes so much sense. 

Microsoft has spent the last two years talking about the plan for its next Xbox. But they launched PlayStation 5 instead. Secretly, the company is developing the second next-gen Xbox which will run all of the games with similar graphics settings. 

More information about Xbox Series S:

The basic principles of the Xbox Series S, many people game on 1080p TV, and as we all know that the 4K adoption rate is getting high, a notable interest of people own 1080p displays. This concept runs huge that the assuming rates of 4K TV. The purpose of this is overvalued when it comes to games. 

Xbox Series S

If you sit55-inch away from the TV, you won’t be able to see the advantages of 1080p, even if you have a vision of 20/20. According to inchcalculator.com, 55inch 4K panel, which is between 5.5 feet and 8.7 feet. In this, you can see an increased sharpness from 1080p, but we are not sure whether it is worth it or not. 

It wants more processing power to push the 8.3 million pixels in a 4K image balance to the 2.1 million pixels of 1080p, which means developers have to arrange intension over graphical effects, which is a pretty neglected deal.

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Most of the people are not making change, as they have seen on PC for a few years now. If you don’t have a PC for gaming, you are likely in the impression that graphics cards are extensively expensive. If you get to stick to 1080p, then it is cheap. You can get a Radeon RX 570 for $130 which easily handles all the games which are at the ultra setting of 1080p6o. 


The Xbox Series S might cost around $300 (as rumored). But, the highest price maybe $400. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that they might release the Xbox in this month-end. 

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